Margela Consulting was formed with a goal of providing an Engineering and Project management service with high standards of delivery and quality:



The vision of Maragela Consulting Engineers is to create sustainable jobs to a considerable number of previously disadvantaged individuals in both rural and urban communities.

The company also thrives to be a effective force of commercially sustainable local communities through the provision of the necessary training and development programmes and to nourish and harness the skills and training within the local communities to off-set the present high level of unemployment in our country.


Maragela Consulting Engineers Pty (Ltd) is dedicated to broad based value added empowerment, with the dawn of the African Renaissance we are ready to widen our horizon and embrace the future of Civils and Construction with more vigor and optimism.

Our primary objective are to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable and economic empowerment of the South African population, thereby promoting the economic prosperity for all citizens. We have achieved these objectives by building a competitive company based on sound business principles and good corporat governance.


To ensure that the Health and Safety of all managers, personnel and associated parties is not compromised, our firm has adopted the following procedures:

To complete an in-house risk assessment at the initiate of the preminary design stage of each project.

To keep a copy of the Occupational health and Safety Act, 1998’ as well as the occupational health and Safety Construction Regulations 2003, in our offices at all times for reference purposes.

To keep and actively update a Health and Safety file in the office.

To determine the relevant legal regulations and provisions from the “Occupational health and Safety Act, 1998” and the OHS contrstuction Regulations, as well as other code of practice documentation and compile programmes and processes to ensure conformance.

To “think-out-of-the-box” and produce futher applicable and necessary health and Safety standards on specific projects where there is a lack of applicable legal literature.

To perform induction sessions, weekly safety meetings , in service training, education, supervision and safety cross-checks with all involved staff, managers and directors.